Join Cecille and Tee as they inform, entertain and deconstruct everyday experiences that affect our mental and emotional well-being.

Cecille Ahrens, LCSW, CEAP

Psychotherapist, Leader, Entrepreneur

  • CEO and Clinical Director of Transcend Therapy, Inc.
  • Founder and Co-Host of Get Mental Radio Show and Podcast
  • Bi-Lingual, Bi-Cultural Psychotherapist
  • 10 years in Private Practice
  • 20 years in the field of Mental Health and Wellness
  • Certified EMDR Licensed Therapist
  • Certified Employee Assistance Professional


Cecille believes in the healing power of relationships especially the one we have with ourselves. With over 20 years of experience in the mental health field, Cecille has impacted thousands of lives. She is passionate about connecting people to their own power and wisdom. Cecille is committed to changing the culture of mental health through Destigmatization (#Weallgotissues), Education (#Sciencetothestreets), Innovation and Using the power of media to affect change and move our culture forward.

Tee Smith

Speaker, Leader, Author

Tee Smith of San Diego, California is a millennial thought leader, sought after speaker, author and momentum catalyst. Emerging from the direct sales industry in which he’s achieved several accolades, multiple 6 figures, and responsible for growing and inspiring organizations of thousands..he’s known for his real, raw, mental stimulating style of speaking.

Tee’s goal is to help start ups and emerging Ceo’s gain clarity on their journey to success by challenging old philosophies and helping individuals create impact in the world through branding and actionable steps. Drawing from his own expertise and industry experts hes planning to impact 10000 families to financial freedom all over the world.